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The Triangle of Discipleship: Self-Denial, Self-Sacrifice, Self-Control

Do the words self-denial, self-sacrifice, and self-control strike fear into your heart? There are not many people who delightfully pursue self-denial, self-sacrifice or self-control. We prefer pleasure, security and comfort. Graciously, sometimes our relationships and circumstances provide pleasure, security and … Continue reading

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Vocational Leadership: How to Capture Leadership Moments

Are you a leader at work? Answer this question before reading on. I mean it—answer the question. If you answered “No” to the above question, it may be because at work you have no executive or administrative title or because … Continue reading

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How a Misplaced “I” Can Lead to a Frustrating Experience

Earlier this week I had to fly to Chicago from southern California. Our college was in the last step to receiving a reaffirmation of our accreditation. One of my two colleagues who travelled with me had graciously offered to make … Continue reading

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