Cast Your Cares & Commit Your Way

The past few weeks have been difficult ones for me. There were out-of-my-comfort-zone situations and conversations. There were keep-you-up-at-night kinds of decisions. To top it off, I have come down with a case of the shingles—itching and irritating as I write this post.

Before this all started, I had been spending a lot of time thinking about two verses: Cast all your care upon him, for he cares for you (I Peter 5:7) and Commit your way to the Lord; Trust also in him and he will do it (Psalm 37:5).

Since I had been thinking about them, it was almost as if the Lord said: These are not just nice words—let’s see if you really believe them. So I went into the Lord’s school of casting and committing.

I Peter 5:7 is a sustaining verse. It reminds me that I never have to face situations alone. Jesus shares the burden of my cares so that I am not overwhelmed and he does it with my best in mind because he cares for me.

As I walked into those situations, conversations and decisions, I was conscious of my own anxiety and unease. Though there was anxiety and unease, I was also aware that Jesus was with me by his Spirit and he brought to mind the promise of his Word. So I entered into these things with his assurances.

Casting my care upon him does not remove the care from me. Instead, Jesus becomes a caring and sharing partner who sustains and supports me through the adversity.

Psalm 37:5 is a directing verse. It reminds me that there are a lot of things which lie outside of my control but it also assures me that they are all under the Lord’s control. I can plan a way to go but I need to commit it to him so that I am going his way. Often his way is not my planned way.

I had plans for next week but this case of shingles has brought about a change to those plans. So I need to commit both this present time of recuperation and the changes that will result next week because I needed this recuperation time. I have to commit my way to him, trusting that he will do what he has planned.

How about you? Are there cares you need to cast upon the Lord? Are there ways that need to be committed to him recognizing they may be changed?

As you answer these questions remember the promises of grace in the second part of each verse: he cares for you; trust also in him and he will do it.

It’s all about him.


About Dr. John H. Harbison

Son of God, Husband, Father, Author of "Keeping Christ in Ministry,"Vice-President for Academic Affairs, College Pastor, Runner, Writer
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7 Responses to Cast Your Cares & Commit Your Way

  1. Hi John, I was thinking along these lines when I read your post: — Cares that need to be committed to Him, thinking that when we were born into this world, out of our mother’s womb, we did not even know how to breathe, and yet God, according to His intricate design of our bodies, enabled us to breathe the oxygen that greeted us. From our frailties as newborn babes, to the growing of our sinews and bones, everything is a miracle by God’s grace. If I think this way, then my grasping and trying to control and maneuver things on my own get thrown away with the bath water. I have many cares, some perhaps, overwhelming, but how wonderful to know I can cast them all upon Him — He who gave us life from the start will surely know how to sustain it and all that pertain to its upkeep and flourishing, for us.

  2. Tania Transito says:

    I can relate both with the Bible verses and coping with medical conditions in everyday life. I am a recently lupus-patient and coping with lupus, I find it challenging to deal with everyday tasks. As my condition requires a stress-free driven life, dealing with school is always challenging. I am a hard working student, I am dedicated and motivate myself to exceed in classes, however my doctor is always pushing for me to take it easy on myself and not have such a rigorous school schedule. My parents worry for my health as well, as it was my dedication for school and hard work that drove me to the hospital three times last year when I was diagnosed with lupus. However, I live with the challenge of pursuing what I like to do, which is drive myself and motivate myself and keep myself busy with school–which often leads to higher levels of stress–and the challenge of accepting that sometimes, I just need to let go. I can be stubborn many times, and I always try to prove myself and that I can succeed with whatever challenges I face on my own, which can get me into trouble when it comes to my health, because I overwork myself and my body and I often don’t know when to take a break and rest. This is my constant struggle, and one which I often turn to God into guiding my through. As I still struggle with accepting my condition, I have turned to God to help me to accept my condition and accept that some challenges, I need to let go. I have entrusted many of my health cares to Him and I know that only in His hands, I will find peace and guidance into doing what is best for myself and my health. I do recognize I have a long way to go into making changes for myself and my lifestyle choices, but I have witnessed God’s presence when I was at my weakest and was struggling to push forth. I found strength in Him and I am grateful everyday that I am keeping my health in check through His help. I thank Him always and can only continue to learn to let Him guide me and follow His guidance. Thank you for this reflection of these verses.

    • Dr. John H. Harbison says:


      I am sorry to hear that you have lupus – I how hard it can be to deal with the challenges and limitations that sickness can bring. I am also encouraged that you found God’s presence that brought strength and guidance. May you continue to find Him an ever-present help when you struggle.

  3. Jacob says:

    Often times I remind myself that God is indeed in control of my life and the flawless plan He has so graciously made for me, but I forget sometimes the depth of trust He asks of us. I forget that every fiber of my being is asked to trust in His plan, even though I do not know what it entails and this fact has never become easier to embrace. No matter the pettiness of a problem or the grand, earth shattering calamity I find myself in, God asks for the same unwavering faith in His supremacy. Thank you for helping me remember this.

  4. Darian Macias says:

    Hey John,
    I just wanted to thank for writing this. I think Gods perfect timing is so incredibly fascinating. I’ve been having the most terrible week, frustration, stress, anxious, sadness, just one thing after another. Anyways, I’ve been praying for God to take all of it away from me, because I never considered any other way to think about it other than giving it to God and then that’s all there is to that. For my English class which is in an hour or so, the homework assignment was to read this blog. I am procrastinating of course but wow, even in my procrastination it was just perfect timing. I love that you wrote “Casting my care upon him does not remove the care from me. Instead, Jesus becomes a caring and sharing partner who sustains and supports me through the adversity.” It has really changed the way I am praying and my attitude of dealing with all these different situations surrounding me. You made me realize that God is my helping hand, my support, not my magic genie.

  5. Angie Yu says:

    When I read 1 Peter 5:7 (Cast all your cares on him, for her cares for you) it really touched my heart, this verse was an eye opening reminder for me to trust God with my life. Battling with classes and trying to juggle everything in my own power and strength can be overwhelming at times. This verse reminded me to take a step back and ask myself where it is I stand with God. As Christians, we are always constantly reminded of Gods presence and Gods love. However, its so easy to believe in what God has given to us, but yet it’s so hard to give him our trust. Till this day, I still struggle to fully trust God with my heart, and I hope that my trust in him will continue to grow day by day.

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